Our first grant, in the amount of $200,000 has been awarded to Dr. Hans Bjornsson of the University of Iceland. The Foundation received five letters of intent from five countries and invited three researchers to submit full applications. We were incredibly impressed by the applications received, each exhibiting well thought out projects with very meaningful intended outcomes. We so appreciate these researchers expressing interest in WSS and taking the time to apply. We do hope to continue a dialogue with these parties as future research opportunities arise and as their research projects may develop otherwise.

Dr. Bjornsson’s project, Creation of a Specialized WSS Mouse Model to Establish Postnatal Malleability of the Neurological Phenotype in WSS, will take place over the next two years. We are thrilled to enter this research endeavor in partnership with Dr. Bjornsson and thank each and every member of our greater WSS Community for making it possible for the Foundation to make this award.