Grants and Awards

The Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome Foundation believes that lack of research presents the biggest barrier to care for patients and awards micro-grants and awards to organizations interested in researching Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome and its related symptoms. The foundation’s mission is to expand the body of knowledge for rare genetic syndromes like WSS. We do this by supporting researchers, research institutions and non-profits whose mission aligns with ours.


The WSS Foundation accepts proposals from researcher who wish to study Wiedemann-Steiner syndrome. Please read through the application thoroughly and submit proposals by September 30th. The WSS Foundation is accepting Letters of Interest for our 2019 grant of up to $200,000.

Click here for the 2019 request for proposal.


The WSS Foundation allocates 5% of donations toward assistance for the “undiagnosed” community and other rare disease foundations. In 2017 the WSS Foundation chose the following organizations for award monies: