Grants and Awards

The Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome Foundation believes that lack of research presents the biggest barrier to care for patients and awards micro-grants and awards to organizations interested in researching Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome and its related symptoms. The foundationโ€™s mission is to expand the body of knowledge for rare genetic syndromes like WSS. We do this by supporting researchers, research institutions and non-profits whose mission aligns with ours.


The WSS Foundation accepts proposals from researcher who wish to study Wiedemann-Steiner syndrome. Please read through the application thoroughly and submit proposals by the published deadline. Two awards of up to $7,500 USD are available to expedite the exploration of key issues and facilitate research that can impact patient care and medical practice in the following fields: Cognitive Development and Feeding/Nutrition/Digestion.

Click here for the 2018 micro-grant application.


The WSS Foundation allocates 5% of donations toward assistance for the “undiagnosed” community and other rare disease foundations. In 2017 the WSS Foundation chose the following organizations for award monies: