Transfer of Stock

Donating publicly traded stock to the WSS Foundation is simple, and it’s possible that you could realize additional tax advantages.* This type of git needs to be donated to the WSS Foundation via transfer initiated by your investment broker, and your broker will require basic information to complete the transfer.

Stock transfers should be directed to the Wiedemann-Steiner Foundation’s account with Vanguard:

Brokerage Firm: Vanguard
DTC #: 0062
Vanguard Account Number: 16331962

Questions for Vanguard? Contact Vanguard’s Retail Retirement Center at 1-800-205-6189

Once you’ve given your broker the instructions to transfer your stock, please let us know so that we can ensure the transfer is successful.

The WSS Foundation’s address and tax information::

The WSS Foundation
1314 44th Street
Sacramento, CA 95819

FEIN: 18-1260031

WSS Foundation contacts for stock transfer questions:

Diego Mahecha 
WSSF Treasurer

Libby Woolford 
WSSF President

*The WSS Foundation is providing general information about estate, gift, and financial planning. The information provided herein does NOT constitute legal or professional advice. Legal, tax, and financial advice from a licensed professional in your jurisdiction should be sought when considering these types of gifts.