First Grant Awarded

Our first grant, in the amount of $200,000 has been awarded to Dr. Hans Bjornsson of the University of Iceland.

More Information

What separates WSS patients from treatment? Research.

Treatments are within reach given adequate funding for research; be a part of the future.


Scientific Advisory Board Announced

These talented experts are guiding exciting research on WSS.


Our Mission:

The Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome Foundation provides education, fosters community, and stimulates research to improve the lives of everyone impacted by WSS.

Upcoming Event:

Fourth Annual Kids Triathlon July 10th through September 15th, 2020

WSS Patient Registry:

The WSS Foundation has partnered with the Coordination of Rare Diseases (CoRDS) Program of Sanford Research, a not-for-profit research institution, to establish and maintain a registry of individuals with WSS. Learn more about how to register.