During the month of April, the WSS Foundation recognizes “Autism Acceptance Month” in order to increase knowledge and understanding on the shared diagnoses many in our community have with WSS and autism. This post comes from Sara Shea, who is a mom of a WSS warrior and shares a beautiful message of inspiration based on her daughter’s recent diagnosis of autism.

By Sara Shea, USA

In March of 2022, Ivy received a diagnosis of Autism. (This dual diagnosis is in addition to Wiedemann-Steiner Syndrome).

Ivy sees the world differently. She has a very deep and pure connection to the Earth and finds pure love and joy in her connections to other people. She needs extra tools, time and space to self-regulate. She is extremely sensory sensitive and also sensory seeking. Repetitive sounds, rhythms and patterns are extremely comforting and calming to her.

As a parent, my understanding of autism has shifted as a result of raising an autistic child. These days, everything I do and say comes from an authentic place of advocacy.

While I’m grateful that there is a growing global awareness of autism, I feel that evolution needs to be in education, social and employment domains. The concept of education needs to change. There needs to be more social spaces within the community. There needs to be more employment opportunities. Families need to pioneer the shift in what’s meaningful.